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Cyber Risk Quantification

Risk management plays a crucial role in cybersecurity governance. The foundation for effective risk management is a comprehensive risk assessment, based on a solid understanding of the company’s risk universe. CyberMinds brings unique and measurable approach to Cyber Risk Management.

vCISO Services for Startups

CyberMind’s vCISO Service is cost-effective way to develop and lead cybersecurity programs for your company. From handling compliance & regulatory requirements, assessing cyber risk postures to planning & execution for future cybersecurity investments and vendor management, our service will help ensure you have the processes, frameworks, and technologies in place for a “good enough yet robust” cybersecurity program.

Revitalize your Cybersecurity Strategy with Business Context

CyberMinds Consulting's proven, data-driven framework and context-driven methodology can improve the accuracy and confidence in firms' Cyber budget by securing the most crucial aspects of the business, first.

Getting the most out of Cyber Investments

When it comes to Cyber spend there's a fine line between too much and not enough. Without clear traceability to the business context and business value, where would you confidently draw the line?

Zero Trust / Hybrid Work Security Readiness Assessment

It is becoming increasing apparent that traditional; approaches are no longer scalable in secure adoption of Hybrid work models. CyberMinds Zero trust security readiness assessment can enable key insights into companies’ current security gaps and means to mitigate the gaps in a time progressive & cost-effective approach

Introduction: Business Threat Risk Analyzer Fabric

This White paper walks thru the details behind our Fabric (Patent-Pending) and How it helps Enterprises contextualize their Cyber plans to target their most significant risks.

2022 Roundup: Top 10 Cybersecurity Insights  

As another rollicking year comes to a close (almost), we went ahead and curated our top 10 Cybersecurity observations from the field

Our Founder, Benazeer Daruwalla, discusses CyberMinds’ approach to Cyber Risk Governance

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