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New Strategic CRQ Partnership with                  ThreatConnect

Press Release                10/13/2021


CyberMinds Consulting is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with ThreatConnect, Inc.®

This partnership with ThreatConnect allows CyberMinds to offer Cyber Risk Quantification services to their enterprise clients. CyberMinds will use ThreatConnect’s Risk Quantifier to report the financial impact of cyber risks to enable clients to make effective cyber security investment decisions.

“With Cyber risk now a top-three risk for organizations, companies have to look at and quantify cyber risk in financial terms,” Jerry Caponera, Head of Risk Strategies at ThreatConnect. “Cybersecurity threats can threaten a company’s entire existence but not all threats are equal, so it’s key to quantify the risk in order to make informed business decisions. It’s great to see consulting firms and MSSPs shifting towards risk quantification too; there really is a lot of value in this approach, as we have seen with our own customers too.”


“The role of CISO is rapidly shifting from being a Technologist to a Business Enabler, which means protecting and supporting the business in terms of revenue, brand and risks.” CyberMinds Consulting CEO, Benazeer Daruwalla. “Our services enable a transformative approach to Cyber Risk Management - the one that contextualizes, quantifies, prioritizes and communicates cyber risk in financial terms. ThreatConnect RQ simplifies and accelerates risk quantification so our clients’ can make informed decisions on mitigating the most prominent risks with an actionable roadmap”.

About ThreatConnect:

ThreatConnect, Inc. provides cybersecurity software that reduces complexity for everyone, makes decision making easy by turning intelligence into action, and integrates processes and technologies to continually strengthen defenses and drive down risk. To learn more about our Cyber Risk Quantification, Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) or Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solutions, visit

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